Fraud Prevention

At America First Insurance, we know that information is power. That's why the investigators in our Special Investigative Unit are dedicated to uncovering the answers that help you protect your assets. We have a dedicated field staff of specially trained investigators, located strategically throughout the region, with the primary objective of investigating suspect losses. 

Fraud Costs Our Customers
Recent studies have determined that insurance fraud in the property and casualty industry has reached an estimated $80 billion annually. This costs the average U.S. family $950 a year in increased premium and taxes.* But beyond the high dollar costs, insurance fraud can also damage or ruin people’s businesses, careers and families. That’s why America First Insurance is strongly committed to fighting fraud and protecting our customers' assets.

Committed to Uncovering Fraud
It takes a formal anti-fraud program and highly trained insurance professionals to recognize and investigate potential fraud. At America First Insurance, our Special Investigative Unit (SIU) is committed to investigating suspicious activity, pursuing restitution for meritorious claims, and vigorously fighting fraudulent claims.

If you suspect insurance fraud is occurring, call our 24-hour Fraud Hotline at 1-877-528-0461. To learn more about how insurance fraud can impact you and your business, visit the Coalition Against Insurance Fraud website.

*Source: Coalition Against Insurance Fraud (September 2009),